PART 2: The OTHER DADDY & MARITA FE GANSE on finding "HOME" in the Philippines


Welcome to PART 2 of this series! This time we pick up after we left off in Part 1 with an inevitable--- *🥁🥁🥁" -- 🔊🔊 🔊PODCAST!

In case you hadn't noticed we transitioned into a podcast-blog format recently, as we felt that listening in on these succulent convos would "sound" better than just reading about them....😁🤓 (for a quick gist about the podcast CLICK HERE!)

So "hear" goes...!

Dear Future AL1en,

What are you doing here? 

Listen in on a fun conversation with our very dear friends The Other Daddy (Brad Villalon) and Marita Fe Ganse. Both "AL1ens" in their own right - being born and raised in Canada and Germany respectively.

In this transmission, we of course talked about "What they were doing here?", their initial experiences and the how's and why's of their journey towards  finding "HOME" in this side of the world... ie, the Philippines.


Further in the following text- transmission notes worth noting!


Dystopiarist: Was there something interesting that made you wanna move back here?

Brad: I'm like on the outside looking in when i came here i was like… even though my background was in the arts- as soon as i moved here i saw that there was so much more... inspiration?

D: More raw noh? That sensation like you're so close to the ground like y'know what i mean? it’s not like--
Odile: It's so clean kase there siguro?
B: I was understanding more of my family’s roots and now-- it was so exciting and new... everything... It was fun.
D: Yea man
B: Now, it’s just home..
D: Yeaay
O: It’s home na?’
B: Home na.
D: At last
B: Home na me *laughs

D: Ikaw Marita when you came back here, were you set on moving here na? 

Marita: No i was just here.. i thought i gonna come for half year…. but then i stayed---
D: Pero why? *laughs
M: Half year and then planning to go somewhere else for another half year just to travel around
D: Was it like a gap year for you? Or?
M: Yea i just needed a break .. from work figuring out what I really want?
D: And then? But why did you end up staying?
M: It just felt good here. The connections i made friends i found and then i didn't want to go back...
D: So sweet..
B: I get it. No I get it. People are like- Why do you wanna live here? Isn't it better where you’re from?

D: Who was it who did you meet first? Talking about these connections...

M: The first ones i met… Kiko, Leah, Gian, Karlo... first nyt out.
O: Was it at Fluxxe?
M: no it wasnt at Fluxxe. It was their birthday? I went alone.
D: And then so u went there cold? You went there by yourself?
M: Yea when i asked Xtina .. i met X-tina in Greeenbelt i asked her where can i go at night? and she said ah tonight. It’s my friend’s bday party. come!
D: Ang galing! Shout out to Xtina!
O: But how did you meet Xtina??
M: She worked in dot dot dot in greenbelt

O: Mmm... You were shopping?
M: I asked here where you going tonight? And she said- come!
O: So Xtina was the key!
D: You're cute! Shout out to Xtina!!!
D: Yes Xtina was the key to Marita moving here!!!
B: You can sit with me. hahahahaha
M: Yea exactly.

Marita's portrait by Kiko Escora Brad's portrait by Ricardo Yan


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