FLOWER GIRLS - Mags Ocampo

Flowers, pressed or scanned, and magazine clippings make up Mags Ocampo’s Flower Girls, on view, by appointment, at Futurist from January 8 - 21.

A mix of digital and real elements, the collages mark her recent December spent picking flowers tended by her grandmother in their residence in Tarlac, but also a return to a collaging practice in her childhood and university years.

At 5 or 6, she would ask her dad to staple sheets of paper in the middle to look like comics or zines, and she would draw or write in them, even if the spellings were wrong.

In college in Manila — despite the trend for vector art that made graphic designers hireable at the time the information design major submitted some grungier plates. “Oh my god,” she says. “One of the plates had my face scanned.”

This love for playing with equipment carries over into the present show. “For this, I really wanted to try out alternative forms of printing like cyanotype or or lumen prints, but when I was looking up the materials, none of it was available here, hindi siya aabot. So that was a part of why the colors are like this. A lot of it looks inversed.”

“And also, I suppose this is a bit cheesy for some people, but both my lolas work a lot with flowers. My lola who passed away was a painter who did mostly flowers, and my other lola is super, super into gardening.”

- Anna Canlas