We walk this earth on groundswell: cracked, unjust, about to burst open. We welcome the rupture of waves like a long, refreshing cleanse, christening generations with sweet vindication, and resounding liberation.


No Longer Will Our Mouths Beg for Water explores the crux of queerness and queering a space through unadulterated expression. Here, you exist in a world where you wear your colors fearlessly, where the homoerotic is as equally visceral as it is euphoric, where keepsakes and accessories tell the tales of triumphant craft and tenderness forming, where warning signs are often more alarming than the road traveled, where all too often we need only to listen to understand.


Our identities are not blankets cloaked over our heads but as tapestries unveiling truths. Our bodies are not brazen but a medium of uncompromising bravery. Our stories are lessons of the past reshaped, of rules broken, of labels ownedthose which used to be derogatory is now celebratory.




- Samantha Nicole





“To know we are not alone, that our identity is not random but has a history and a meaning shared with others—that our existence has its own special kind of beauty—this is the great force of art to people moving against alienation.” - Adrienne Rich