Jer Dee's second solo show embodies a minimalist departure from his customary approach. His fine lined illustrations on giclee prints subtly convey a subdued hedonist mood while their delicate application on multiple silk scarves, chiffon tapestry & fans greatly enhances the oeuvre.

"This project is an exploration of my relationship with intimacy. The concept of touch and how it translates to different mediums" -Jer Dee

Sneak a peek at some of the pieces here online. But definitely best viewed in real life at our 2F gallery. Show runs til the 29th of March.

jer dee pleasure 2nd solo show futurist poblacion makati

Jer Dee is a visual artist based in Metro Manila, Philippines whose main medium of work is digital art and illustration. Trained under one of the country’s top art schools, he went on to make a name across industries including advertising production, publishing, fashion, and most recently, in the local nightlife scene where he has worked as creative producer and DJ.