A Sinister Joke

A Sinister Joke

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Archival print on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag, 310 Gsm,

A3 (11.7 x 16.5 inches)

edition of 5 

It was interesting for me to take another chance with these elements: decapitated devil's head, a questor's sword, dogs, an inferno and a familiar face - which all felt fitting, as if we play a character in a video game on a quest to defeat the dark lord. But we are not in a video game, we are dealing against a devil right now! There are many ways to make change. Every day in the morning, while browsing timelines of fb messenger and ig, friends have been sharing a lot of options on how to protect and support all efforts on standing with humanity during this time of opression. There are so many things we can do! (and Print Jam on November 2020:)

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