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Acrylic Ink Pen, Acrylic
On Watercolor Paper
Artist Frame, Wood and Painted matting
36" width x 36" height

-Enzo Razon 


About the work:

The faces in this piece were really more of a release. More so than the drawings that I was making before that were way more fantastical. These ones are angrier.  I am very interested in cartoons and how a very distilled representation of a face can come to signify real emotions. 

As a general note about Cartoons; Cartoons are very very powerful and hold a special dagger really. The simplest forms, the seemingly childish forms, can cause great offense when used (in)correctly. My work does not directly deal with these formal questions but it is something I think about when using this approach. 

With regards to this piece, I wanted to reflect adaptation as a form of shape shifting. How one individual becomes part of a larger whole that is then shaped in many arbitrary and unnatural forms. The face is an oval in a circle in a triangle which is in the room (a larger rectangular volume). 

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