SOUND TRANSMISSION #2 - DANO TINGCUNGCO on the method to the madness behind the decks, the leather & the work.


Dear Future AL1en,

In this episode we share with you our 2nd AL1en Sound Transmission... 

In what started as 'carpool chaos' that managed to evolve into a rather insightful chat with Dano Tingcungco, News Producer, Artist and Dj, who explains the method to the melodic madness behind his Dj sets and how the structured world of News Reporting & Leatherwork influences the beautiful freedom of his musical curations. 

The recording transcends into Dano's Dj set at Futurist in Poblacion, best experienced with proper speakers/headphones/pods and a relatively mad state of mind! 🛸 👽 🪄💫 ... ENJOY  ▶️  ▶️  ▶️ 

And because that carpool chat didn't satisfy our inquisitive minds, we caught up with Dano again for a random Q&A! Check it out below...

What’s your everyday carry? Like u can’t leave without them…

My bag (Minsan, of course! Most likely a Pigâ) will never be without:
my keys
a pen
a cable and a power brick
a little bottle of perfume
lip balm
dental floss
a small CDG pouch my partner got me in his first solo trip to singapore that will always have: two USB sticks with my crate of favorites, a Santo Nino statuette from my mom, leather swatches, tissue-paper sketches of ideas and things in the making, and bergamot essential oil.

What would a guilty pleasure playlist sound like?

My guilty pleasure playlist is a lot of diva pop, for sure! I wrote my thesis to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Solid Harmonie, She Moves, Liberty X, Heidi Montag, Paris Hilton, and Viva Hot Babes. And whenever i’m in the middle of very difficult or technically challenging work, i play Paris Hilton and Heidi Montag. So the late 90s-Y2K era is a really emotional one for me haha

Would you consider your Dj sets a form of escape (for yourself) or a form of education (for the crowd)?

I see my DJ sets as many ways- me telling a story to the audience. Many things i cannot say with words, or words may not be the best way to capture it, but i can express them in sound. Music has always been there for me, in the lowest of lows and highest of highs. The one thing that never left, with the same permanence as death, taxes, and being reborn in so many ways. 

It’s always the little bleeps, the little voices i put in, the tingling sensation, the joy. It’s more of me always transmitting a feeling. The joy of it all.

For some people it may be an escape, a momentary breather. For some it may be educational; they’ve never heard it before and they want to hear more of it. Both are beautiful ways to see it.

But i always get a high from seeing people dance with me at a set. Wherever we may all be, mentally or emotionally, sound can bring us all together in that precious moment of pure bliss, pure joy. And in joy there is healing.

That’s always the main goal for my sets. Joy.


How often Do you think about the future?

Dano Tingcungco Minsan leatherwork leather bags

Is "no news really good news" ?? 

Hahaha hmm pano ko ba sasagutin yan in a Miss Universe way... Let me say, it depends, and I quote-“high tide or low tide?” *hahaha

... and so on that note... We leave you with our latest podcast icon wherein as you can see--- "the tide is nigh!"

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