PART 3: KIKO ESCORA & everyone else on Creative Spaces, Fake Dying Plants, Retirement, A.I. NFTs & of course ART!


Welcome to Part 3! Finally! The official pod transmission from our FIELD TRIP to Kiko & Marita's home & work studio last September 2023.


 Field transmission notes worth noting below!


On Fake Plants

Bradley: In homage to your fake plants me and B are gona do a collab- A series na... Y'know when everybody makes fake plants it's always thriving?

K: That makes a lot of sense for people who are tired of fake plants.
O: True 'coz they're always thriving- the fake plants *hahahahha

B: The only thing similar are those that are dried na but those are real though but I wanna make one out of plastic.
K: Almost dying
B: Not completely dead but dying
K: Suffering suffering
B: Like it’s in between that stage where it could still be rehabilitated?
K: Revived
B: or it’s gonna die
K: Let it be, it’s gonna die

On Smoking
O: Ba't di kita nakikita nags-smoke? noh?
K: Not in public. Because it’s so.. nakakatamad you have to go out…
O: OO nga, pero ang sipag kaya ng mga tao lumabas to smoke. Bianca is always like “I need to smoke... I need to smoke”

K: I'm not that-- the hold on me is not as strong. It used to be… only when it’s convenient. If It's not.. forget it! One time I was like, trying to finish a show, right? Late at night, dun pa ako sa kabila. And I was running out of cigarettes. It was a habit. I take a rest, I have to smoke and see if I like the painting. In the middle of the morning, 3 AM, no smokes. and then you know that moment when your hours are allocated precisely already? From now to delivery to you know- so any more additional errand would be like a delay? So I’m like f*ck that shit- with cigarettes. That's when I stopped smoking and then every now and then. Actually I haven't smoked for a long time at home. Or outside when drinking- if it’s just there in front of me. But if I have to go out to smoke like at Futurist? Forget it! F*ck that shit.

On Health
K: Also, I realized you can actually not get sick for a year straight. We never got sick for a year straight when the lockdown happened.
O: Also coz you were living healthy.
K: Exactly
Dystopiarist: You were biking weren't you?
K: No
D: You were not?

K: No- Not so much but ya hindi napupuyat. I think puyat is the culprit. Puyat is really the culprit.
O: That’s why I love not going out! *hahahhaha
K: And it helped that the schedule was... routine-ized. That you have regular time for sleeping. I think the body likes it.

O: You think the body likes it? you think lang? *haha
K: I think!

On Retirement
O: I have a question for Kiko.
D: Yes pls!
O: Do you ever think about retiring from the scene?
O: *Hahahah
O: Do you ever think about retiring from the scene? Kahit Semi-retirement lang?
K: I tried- I tried already
O: Not during the pandemic
B: Yea pandemic doesn't count

On the Art Scene
K: But then I saw what's happening. I'm sure you've heard this so many times. So what's happening is like the kids can get away.
The things that kids can get away- I was like… Not only in the nightlife scene, but in the art scene, I was like, like really?
O: What do you mean the kids can get away?
D: With anything?

D: You think? I mean- like… Really? So nobody’s impressing you right now?
K: Sorry what?
D: I wanna know... Nobody’s impressing you?
K: Of course Im impressed— with the effort.
D: The effort hahahah
K: No No of course.. there are a lot… The question is tricky because it’s about definites The question should be- Are you happy with the art scene now or not?
D: The question is definite.
O: Are you?
D: That's still definite.

K: Because of the effort. No, I'm just kidding, because it's very active, and it's like a lot of things are happening, y'know! And for sure something good will come out of that. RIght? In theory? Yea something good’s gonna come out of that.

D: In theoryyyy?
K: In general and individually.
D: But I don’t-
K: Cmon say yes!
Everyone: *woahahahah
Marita: YES agree AGREE!
D: Hahahahaha 

K: No. (joking aside) There is good talent out there!

On Society

D: But the things is y'know “Judgement”? People think now na parang judging is a wrong thing eh parang “Judgemental ka”
K: It’s not wrong.
D: parang duh that's how we f*cking live. That's how you decide.
K: That’s how we survive
D: How you decide whats import to you you have to make a judgement.
M: You have to make a decision.
D: And if people are always fed what to think ? Asan na tayo?
K: That’s happening because we have poor judgement
M: Our mindset is lazy….

At Dinner:

D: Let’s do it! Let’s try your favorite. I wanna know your favorites. Yeah “Recommendation” yeah!
B: And we’ll do a review. *hahahah
M: Restaurant review!
Everyone: *Ahahhaha
D: lahat na! I mean culture guys! CULTURE! We have to involve all the senses! We also need a playlist btw? from you guys! *jokes
D: *ahahhaha WOW
B: And you have to make art on the side.

D: Demanding!! ang lalaaaa! But it’s fun rightttt?? Just like putting all these elements together para it’s like a sensory immersive experience. Like when people read it they can order the thing *ahh dibaa eat the thing they're listening to the podcast *Ohhh

M: One day one day in their life!
O: And probably buy some art! From the link
D: Yeahh!
M: What do they eat?
D: And they're gonna book already with their friends.They're gonna go to the opening!

On Living in Manila



O: We call this series a “Field Trip” We’re on a FIELD TRIP! This is Field trip #1 *ahahahahah
B: Field trips you learn stuff right?
O: Yea aren't you learning Brad?
B: Y'know… Is that the purpose of a Field trip? Is to learn?


What about you Dear Future AL1en? Are you learning?

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Thank you very much!


 Marita's portrait by Kiko Escora Brad's portrait by Ricardo Yan


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