100 - 010 - 001  is a visual manifestation of the convergence of Past, Present and Future.

Eavesdrop below! As our curious correspondent, the Dystopiarist, engages in conversation with Andre Chan, a 26-year-old Cebuano artist, during the opening of his exhibition at Futur:st last Saturday, Dec 9th.

While you're at it, below are some snippets & quotable quotes relating to the conversation and of course the show!

“I think Art is just life. IT IS LIFE! & Art gives context to life. Science gives answers to life..." - Andre


Andre: "The string is like its ever evolving, no? At first, I thought that I could like scatter all the paper here... but now it's on one net, because these are memories caught in time..."

"2nd it was a web, but you can interpret it in so many ways... and I always tell this to people who I encounter, na Art is really ambiguous & no one can tell you what it is talaga, you have to examine your own or your personal experience & see what resonates with you, right? So there's no absolute art, there's no absolute perception - because everything here in this world is a unique SKU, a unique stock keeping unit."

 andre chan futurist makati


ANDRE CHAN A: The 1 in the first column symbolizes the PAST, and the 1 in the middle is the PRESENT, then the 1 in the last part is the FUTURE.

D: Mura pud siyag (letter) "I," so it's like the self & the "0" is like a portal! I love it! Kanang void ba! the self & the void kinda moving. The SELF moving through the VOID!


A: It's like a (magic) SPELL. So, per paper is a spell - for example: like earlier, you mistakenly put the salt in the coffee (while looking at one of the journal pages with the words ASIN & SALT on it)

D: Uy, di ako toh oi - si Sharon toh!

A: So, si Sharon put the chili salt *hahahaha

D: AND the regular salt.

A: TWO KINDS of salt *hahahah

   A & D: AS IN ASIN!! *hahahah


And last but not the least the last quote to end all quotes in the podcast! 



Finally, you have come to the end of this "spell" and now you must scroll down & leavesdrop some of the journal pages we have captured amongst the 200 installed in the show. More journal entries shall follow in the coming week!



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Photography by: Juliana Kristen Montenegro