Promises III
Promises III

Promises III

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Framed photograph, 2015-2021
18 x 24 inches
- Zeus Bascon
About the work:
It is a photo of a display cabinet filled with gifts, souvenirs, stuff made by my neice and nephew when they were little, artworks by other artists and myself. These are objects my mother and I kept for rememberance. Seen and yet untouched for a long period of time, until we find a spot for a new object. 
Towards the end of 2020, the reading for my Capricorn on the third house said something like stop looking for something "new" and look around your immediate environment for the resources you need then continue. I immediately thought of this image and the series it's part of titled Promises. These are dear to my heart - the objects i deliberately put next to my mother's things. The beauty in this mismatch of images that all bears different memories of people and places, all charged with good lucks and best wishes. These objects from past might have served as a promise to never forget how we know a person, the afternoons of childhood, those romantic years. After some years passed and the recent weight of deaths, how much we needed to hold onto these memories? How much space, in our minds and in our hearts, we are willing to clear for new ones?

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