Speed Milk Cassette
Speed Milk Cassette
oi research partners

Speed Milk Cassette

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Excerpt from a review written by Elijah P.
"...Label it as a psychedelic hyperdrive or a Filipino western dashing downwards a dune; "Speed Milk" is the complete package. O.l Research Partners is DIY written from top to bottom of every page in their playbook. Whether it is true or not, O.I Research Partners' debut project "Speed Milk" have struck gold. There is marriage between fragmented recordings of Eva Yu's cryptic narration of the world before her while Vik Laugo's constant guitar switch ups and manipulated kraut-y influences. "Smell My Badge" has Ennio Morricone and Bad Lieutenant fragrance smothered over Laugo's breath. Fuzzy freakout and folk passages explode all over the place in "Stage Warner". "We Like Speed" and its rush of dirt vomiting out of the amplifiers is partially eerie and thrilling to hear in your speakers... The possibilities for the couple's imagination could reach an entirely different universe at this point.

O.I Research Partners have imagined a future wherein it is possible to live both sonically and visually. Musically, this is the future that we depend on... Listening to music casually can be all fun and games until you find out there are badass cowboys living on drug-spiked milk. O.l Research Partners are the real deal."

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