levenson rodriguez, levisnotanartist, futuristph, futurist makati


Futur:st presents: 

LEVISNOTANARTIST aka Levenson Rodriguez whose works have frequently graced pages of local and international fashion publications, NOW graces our gallery walls with PLETHORA OF RANDOMNESS. 

levenson rodriguez, levisnotanartist, futuristph, futurist makati

"LEVISNOTANARTIST" is a mere 3 years old.

A pseudonym he decided to start his newfound oeuvre under and despite never having explored the visual arts ever...  LEVISNOTANARTIST picked up a paintbrush, whilst fighting off his anxiety & depression during the 2020 pandemic. Resulting in turning his art into a form of therapy and vice versa. 

Levenson Rodriguez , Levisnotanartist, futurist, futuristph, artph

Using Moleskine paper as his canvas, along with his watercolors and cutouts from his extensive collection of magazines, he created artworks that he shared on his online profile. To his amazement, people began to purchase his creations, providing much-needed source of income during those trying times.

Today, apart from the current show at Futur:st, you can find his works on display in two cafes and a bar in the metropolis. Levenson describes his art as "raw and flawed" finding beauty in the chaos and imperfections that he translates into his unique visual expressions. 

For this show he has collaged the White Pages from Metro Manila's forgotten Telephone Directory together with his watercolors and magazine cut outs. A welcome delight to those who lived through the era of rotary phones, dial tones and party lines.  (As shown here ft: Levenson's mom during the show's installation)

 levenson rodriguez, levisnotanartist, futuristph, futurist makati

PLETHORA OF RANDOMNESS is on show at Futurist's 2/F gallery until December 8, 2023. 

For inquiries message Futur:st at 0928-520-9102 or email



WOah if you're still here! Check out a few snippets from the Opening Party and Installation behind the scenes. Drink pours c/o Charles & James Light & Wit's Sweets & Savouries!





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